Artisan Homeware was established in 2013. We are a small independent business based in Bristol, UK, set up to source beautiful, handcrafted homewares from around the world.

Welcome to our store. 

Everything you find here has been hand-picked because of it's environmentally and worker friendly production processes, its quality (everything we sell is made to use, not just look nice) and its beauty - we specialise out in traditional craftsmanship, vibrant colours and incredible patterns.

Buy wisely: buy beautiful, durable, functional things

About Our Collections

Boleslawiec Stoneware 

Our first range was Boleslawiec stoneware from Poland. 

The town of Boleslawiec in Silesia, Poland, has an incredible natural resource: clay with a mineral content and structure that makes the very finest stoneware. Naturally, pottery has always been made here. The earliest evidence of ceramic work in Boleslawiec dates to over a thousand years ago. 

As early as the seventeenth century the local potters came together to form a guild and share their knowledge, developing a distinctive local style of form and decoration. The Boleslawiec Stoneware that is made today is the result of generations of master craftsmen developing skills and techniques over hundreds of years, from the casting and form-making to the glazing and pattern design.

The outcome is stoneware that combines great durability with stunning, intricate pattern-making.

Boleslawiec Stoneware is the perfect example of a rich and deep-rooted regional tradition, the culmination of centuries of artisans working with the exceptional raw materials of their locality to create items that stand out for their beauty and quality whatsoever in the world you put them beside.

There are several historically important potteries in the town of Boleslawiec, and the pieces we sell are from Ceramika Artyztyczna. It is a co-operative business with a long, rich history of innovation and creativity, with a great emphasis on skills-training and on maintaining the highest levels of quality in production. They are a great company to work with, and we’re delighted to partner with them.

The pattern book at Ceramika Artyztyczna has over 7000 designs; there are 1400 different shapes cast. Our part in the process is creating a range that marries the best of both for our customers. Within our range are many hard-to-find patterns and shapes of which we are the only UK, and indeed sometimes the only European, stockists. 

We also stock Unikat pieces. Unikat has long been an integral part of the stoneware tradition in Boleslawiec, and every ceramic producer in the town has master artists who produce signed ‘Unikat’ pieces which are a chance for these highly skilled and incredibly experienced surface-pattern artists to express their own creative ideas, often using free-hand brushwork, and can take hours to decorate. These are collectable, heirloom pieces (and make a simple cup of tea about as good as it gets).    


All our textiles are made in Portugal, and meet the Oeko-tex standard, a globally recognised standard of sustainable, environmentally friendly and non-toxic textile production. They are fantastic quality, durable and with the kind of beautiful woven patternwork that brings a little bit of joy to the everyday.

Kashmiri Decorations

Our beautiful hanging birds, stars and baubles are made from wood and papier mache and hand-painted in Kashmir. They have fairtrade certification, which means the workers who make them have healthy working conditions and earn a fair wage for their beautiful work.

East End Press Decorations

Hand-made, unusual and always sourced with a commitment to environmentally friendly materials, East End Press are our newest supplier, and from their first outing at one of our fairs, their products looked right at home on our stall.